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Additional services

We are ready to offer additional services to complement and promote your site. We guarantee the quality of the performed services and are responsible for the result.

The list of additional services provided by Smilodo:

Also, for your convenience, we have developed profitable complex programs that will allow you to quickly start selling even without wasting time and huge budgets.

Not like everyone

We create for you a unique design of an online store, as well as transfer or create new commodity items, fill out with content.

* Unique design is drawn only for the main page, catalog page and about us page. Logo design is included in the price. Transfer includes no more than 200 positions Creation of new positions no more than 50 pieces Content is written only on the main page

** If there are feeds in the required formats, the transfer of commodity items is made in full.

*** If you have your own logo, the number of transferred / created commodity items doubles.

Price - 1000 $

Ahead of all

We take care of all the worries about promoting your business on the Internet. We will advance the search, set up advertising, develop promotions. We will tell the whole world about you.

* The price includes - work on SEO promotion of the site (writing optimized content in the amount of at least 20k characters per month, and work with a link profile of at least 20 links per month, as well as all related work on site optimization.

- Setting up contextual advertising (no more than 30 keywords)

- Setting up google shopping

- Setting up email marketing (promotion notification, reminder of a forgotten product in the basket)

- Development of a promotion (no more than 2 promotions and 1 banner per month).

Price - $ 1250 (per month)


If you have very little time and have no desire to deal with E-commers, but you have a great desire to sell to the whole world and become a millionaire. This tariff plan is especially for you. We will take all the worries about creating and promoting your online store. All you need to do is send the goods on orders.

Price - 2500 $ (per month)

Creation of unique pages.

We will create a page from the provided data on our constructor, all elements will be editable. This service includes:

  • Adding SEO information to the admin. part of the page
  • Adding, configuring and filling in components on the page (text, picture, button, slider, etc.)
  • Correct display on tablets and smartphones

The lead time: up to 3 days

Service cost: from $ 15 per page + from $ 5 (another language version of the page)

Filling product items with unique content.  

We will write and format unique texts to describe commodity items and fill them out. This service includes:

  • Unique texts
  • Search for photos to the description (1-2 pcs.)
  • Content placement (text + photo up to 5 pcs.)
  • Formatting the text according to the rules of content management

The lead time: up to 5 days

Service cost: $ 5 per page

Creation of selling pages "Home" and "About the Company" or "Landing" with unique content.

We will create a selling page to attract the attention of the visitor from the first seconds and interest them in viewing your site. This service includes:

  • Creating a page layout for sales
  • Adding SEO information to the admin. part of the page.
  • Adding, configuring and filling in components on the page (text, image, button, slider, etc.)
  • SEO optimization of the page
  • Selling texts
  • All actions performed on the pages take place under the strict guidance of the content manager

The lead time: up to 10 days

Service cost: $ 50 $ per page + $ 10 (one more language version of the page)

Creation of an action from idea to implementation.

We will carry out a number of works:

  • Creation of an advertising banner in a slider, 1 pc
  • Development of an advertising landing page in the "Blog" section
  • Editing a letter template

Lead time: up to 7 days

Service cost: $ 40 per page

Content writing for the site.

We will write unique content in any quantity for your site.

The lead time is up to 1 day

Service cost: $ 3 per 1,000 characters without a space

Using automatic translation in the constructor.

You have the ability to translate (Google translate) text elements up to 2,000 characters at a time. The total amount of translated text depends on your chosen tariff plan. Outside the tariff plan, an invoice will be displayed based on the number of translated characters.

The lead time: up to 1 day

Service cost: $ 1 for 25,000 characters

Store setup.

We can set up your online store instead of you by using the presented information. This service includes:

  • Customize the appearance
  • Data import
  • Setting up the main site information
  • Creation of top and bottom menus
  • Adding another language version of the site (translation from the current information)
  • Setting up product categories
  • Setting up payment and delivery
  • Setting up Online support
  • Analytics code placement

Lead time: up to 3 days

Service cost: $ 50

Logo development.

We will take into account all your wishes and analyze the subject of the site.

The lead time: up to 3 days

Service cost: $ 100

Connection of additional modules.

We can create for you, in the priority queue, functionality that you would like to have, but it has not yet been implemented on Smilodo.

Lead time: from 3 days

Service cost: from $ 100

Development of corporate identity.

We will make your brand stylish and recognizable. This service includes:

  • Signature colors
  • Brand set of fonts
  • Corporate slogan (slogan)
  • Company letterhead
  • Branded envelope
  • Brand watermark.
  • Business card
  • Email template

Lead time: up to 7 days

Service cost: $ 125

Transferring your design to Smilodo.

If you want to have an unique template on Smilodo, you can order the transfer of your design to our system at. This implies a transfer, only of the functionality, an analogue of which has already been implemented on Smilodo.

Lead time: up to 14 days

Service cost: $ 350

Email template development.

We will design your email newsletter and create a quality template.

Lead time: up to 4 days

Service cost: $ 30

Select and edit photos.

We will find suitable photos for you and edit them according to your criteria. The cost depends on the number of conversions.

Lead time: up to 2 days

Service cost: from $ 1 to $ 5 per piece

Design of a static banner for the site.

We will draw a spectacular banner to represent a product or promotion.

Lead time: up to 2 days

Service cost: $ 10

Landing page design.

We will draw a landing page design for you, that can be recreated on the constructor, taking into account all your wishes. The price depends on the amount of information on the page. The design is being worked out for all extensions.

Lead time: up to 5 days

Service cost: from $ 30

Online store design.

If you want to have a unique template on Smilodo, we will draw for you the design of all the "necessary" pages for further integration into the system. The design is being worked out for all extensions.

Lead time: up to 10 days

Service cost: from $ 300

Setting up metrics and analysts.

We will install and configure analytics systems from Google for constant monitoring of the number of tariffs, user behavior, etc. We also install and configure the Google webmaster to speed up the indexing of the site by the search engine and also track possible spaces with indexing and key performance indicators.

Lead time: up to 2 days

Service cost: $ 50

Setting up contextual advertising.

We will create and configure advertising accounts for contextual advertising and contextual media network. This service includes:

  • Creation of a customer avatar
  • Compilation of the semantic core
  • Formation of key groups of requests
  • Formation of advertisements
  • Customization of ads, their display times and audience
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis, improving the quality of advertisements, reducing the cost of clicks
  • Formation of a report on the results

Lead time: 30 days

Service cost: $ 210 (excluding the advertising budget)

Setting up targeted advertising.

This service includes:

  • Complete analysis of the target audience
  • Search for problems and "pains"
  • Selection of customer avatars
  • Search for product benefits for USP compilation
  • Drawing up 3 USP
  • Creation of an advertising cabinet
  • Garter payments
  • Selection of the correct goals for the advertising campaign - lead generation through the form, conversion to the site
  • Creation of 3 creatives in each ad
  • Test ad setup
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of advertisements and forms, finding the most effective channel
  • Gathering site audience through the pixel FB
  • Launching retargeting
  • Analytics
  • Change of creatives every 2 weeks
  • Results report at the end of each month

Lead time: 30 days

Service cost: $ 285 (excluding the advertising budget)

Maintaining a group of social networks.

This service includes:

  • Registration of a group of social networks (if necessary)
  • Development of a content plan
  • Selection of photos for posts (if necessary)
  • Writing 3 unique photo sweats per week
  • Group administration (working with comments, deleting negative, etc.)
  • Working with hashtags
  • Cross-posting to other selected social networks

Lead time: 30 days

Service cost: $ 210 (excluding the advertising budget)

Setting up Email Marketing.

This service includes:

  • Creation of a letter template
  • Creation of the text of the letter
  • Determination of the distribution frequency
  • Base segmentation
  • Setting up a service for automatic sending of letters

Lead time: up to 15 days

Service cost: $ 125

Setting up google shopping.

This service includes:

  • Create an account in Google Merchant Center
  • We carry out a bunch of advertising accounts
  • We create a feed for unloading goods and uploading it
  • We set up advertising campaigns
  • Monitoring their effectiveness
  • Adjustment and improvement of advertisements
  • Performance reporting

Lead time: up to 15 days

Service cost: $ 125

SEO promotion.

This service includes:

  • Collection and clustering of the semantic core
  • Updating the site structure according to the core
  • Working with meta data
  • Working with H1-6 headings
  • Working with system files (sitemap and robot)
  • Working with content on the site (writing optimized texts in sections of the site and maintaining an information section)
  • Crowd marketing work
  • Working with press releases
  • Formation of reports with a cut of positions and full analytics

Lead time: 30 days

Service cost: $ 500

Development of advertising campaigns.

We will develop banners, promotions, etc. for your site. This service includes:

  • Coming up with promotional campaigns (4 per month)
  • Development of at least 2 advertising banners for each promotion
  • Development of practical gags
  • Increase user loyalty

Lead time: 30 days

Service cost:  $ 265

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