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Setup and manage paid advertising campaigns

  • Setup and manage paid advertising campaigns

Setup and manage paid advertising campaigns

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Contextual advertising is one of the most effective types of marketing today. The main advantages are getting customers almost immediately after launching a campaign and flexible customization for the products/services you are interested in. The disadvantages include a rather high cost. This service includes:

  • Customer avatar creation
    Analysis of the niche, defining the target audience, its age, regions of residence. Conducting a complete segmentation to set up an effective campaign.
  • Creating a semantic core
    Collect a complete list of keywords and queries, which will be displayed your ads.
  • Creating key query groups
    Clustering of all groups of requests according to the product range and a breakdown based on CA.
  • Creating adverts
    We create ads that sell to ensure the highest possible CTR.
  • Setting up ads for their display time
    Setting up the display of advertisements on the target audience, time and regions of display, relevant pages.
  • Improving the quality of advertisements
    Constant analysis of advertising campaigns, improving quality, reducing the price per click and the fight against "clicking" from competitors.
  • Results Report
    At the end of each month we prepare a detailed report on the results and money spent, forming a work plan for the next month.
  • Budget expences
    Advertising budget is not included in the cost of this service.


Duration Monthly payment.

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