Rules for Publication of Products on Smilodo

1. General Requirements 

1.1 The publication of Products on Smilodo, the Global Marketplace and the individual eShops must be in full compliance with the requirements of the applicable legislation in the country in which the publishing eShop Owner has registered his company. 

1.2 In this Rules the designations of the Terms and Conditions are used as defined at https://www.smilodo.com/general-terms-and-conditions 

.3 The eShop Owner guarantees that the Products offered by him correspond to the information given in the title and description of the product article and are free from claims of third parties and that the fact of their placement does not infringe any intellectual property rights. 

1.4 By publishing Products with the indication of trademarks, the eShop Owner guarantees that he is legally selling them (with the consent of the copyright owner or after the Products have been placed on the civil market by him or an authorized person). 

1.5 By publishing Products subject to compulsory certification or licensed activities in the country of the eShop Owner, the eShop Owner is responsible for the availability of such permissions. 

1.6 If Smilodo has noticed that the eShop Owner offers Products that are prohibited for sale according to these rules or the legislation of the country in which the eShop Owner has registered his company, the eShop Owner is warned that the violation or the Products must be removed or even the full eShop is automatically blocked without warning. 

2. Rules for the Registration of Products published on the Global Marketplace 

2.1 In order to maintain a maximum of fair competition on the Global Marketplace the following rule set is to be followed, if Products are being registered to be published on the Global Marketplace. 

2.2 The title and the description of the Product are not allowed to contain a meaningless character set or a set of keywords. 

2.3 The description of the Product is not allowed to contain only links to external sites. 

2.4 The Product page is not allowed to contain any elements (code) that change the appearance of the Product page on the Global Marketplace and/or control the behaviour of browsers of End Customers. 

2.5 The use of text typed in CAPITAL letters (except for abbreviations) or texts that use kerning (spelling words with spaces between letters) is not allowed. 

2.6 All texts at the Product page are considered not to contain many grammatical, punctuation or syntactical errors or a description in transliteration. 

2.7 The duplication of Products is forbidden. Duplication is considered a situation where more than one Product item with the same or identical image (including an image from different angles), a name and/or description is created for a single Product, with the exception of Products with the same photo, but with different characteristics and description. 

2.8 All information suitable to mislead End Customers is forbidden (e.g. price and availability wrong, image and description of the Product not true, the naming of subjective opinions without sufficient recognisability of these, etc.). 

3. Prohibited Items to Sale 

3.1. Items subject to mandatory certification are published subject to the availability of relevant authorization documents. 

3.2. The list of items prohibited for publication on Smilodo contains: 

3.2.1 Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors included in the list published by the Government of the respective country where the eShop Owner has registered his company, as well as their analogues (sibutramine, phentermine, phenylnitropropene, nitroethane and others). 

3.2.2 Plants, seeds and mushrooms containing narcotic and psychotropic substances (cannabis, marijuana, hemp, magic mushrooms, etc.). 

3.2.3 Human organs, tissues, cells, other anatomical materials (including donated blood and its components), donor services. 

3.2.4 Flora and fauna (including parts of them) listed in the CITES international convention and/or included in the Red Book. 

3.2.5 Optical media with illegal copies of films, music, games, software and other intellectual property or access to online resources containing them. Access refers to serial numbers, keys to software products and games, generators and other tools used to remove protection from illegal use. 

3.2.6 Vehicles without documents or wanted vehicles. 

3.2.7 Foreign currency and other currency values (except the sale of coins and notes for numismatic purposes), stocks and other securities owned by third parties. 

3.2.8 Fake banknotes and fake postage stamps. 

3.2.9 Identity documents as passports, id-cards, rights, student cards, etc. 

3.2.10 License plates for vehicles. 

3.2.11 Medicines and preparations which are not available on the free, unregulated market at the respective country where the eShop Owner has registered his company (e.g. medicines available only on prescription) except the eShop Owner has a valid license to carry out business activities in the retail sale of medicines and follows the rules of the respective country. 

 3.2.12 Veterinary drugs if the sale is forbidden at the respective country where the eShop Owner has registered his company. 

3.2.13 Tobacco, tobacco products, smoking mixes (including cigarettes, cigars, tobacco products or substitutes for it, smoking hookah mixes, nicotine liquids, cartridges and niches with nicotine), as well as products using trademarks and brands, under which tobacco products are produced. 

3.2.14 All types of weapons following the applicable legislation in the country in which the publishing eShop Owner has registered his company. 

3.2.15 Explosives and highly hazardous chemicals (gunpowder, dynamite, TNT, nitro-glycerine, etc.), as well as pyrotechnic products for technical and special purposes. 

3.2.16 All types of alcoholic products following the applicable legislation in the country in which the publishing eShop Owner has registered his company. This also applies to components and equipment intended for the manufacture of alcoholic products. 

3.2.17 Devices and equipment with the obvious purpose for illegal actions following the applicable legislation in the country in which the publishing eShop Owner has registered his company (e.g. items to change the readings of metering devices for electricity, gas and water, items for manipulating the vehicle mileage, etc.). 

3.2.18 Any other goods prohibited for sale and advertising by the legislation in the country in which the publishing eShop Owner has registered his company. 

3.3 It is forbidden to sell goods to persons under the age from which the purchase of such goods is possible following the legislation in the country in which the publishing eShop Owner has registered his company. 

4. Prohibited Services to Sale 

The list of services prohibited for publication on Smilodo contains: 

4.1 Services for the production, manufacture, storage, cultivation, transportation, import and export to/from the perspective country of the eShop Owner of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, as well as plants, preparations containing such funds and substances and their analogues. 

4.2 Services related to gambling systems, casinos, bets, and any other information about the gambling business. 

4.3 Dubious job offers, online or offline, without indicating the physical address and direct contacts of the employer or without clearly identifiable description of the occupation. 

4.4 Registration of passports, identity cards and other documents, the issuance of which is within the competence of state bodies and institutions. 

4.5 Car mileage correction services. 

4.6 Services for the production of goods listed in 3.2 of these rules. 

4.7 State awards, orders, medals, badges for honorary title and badges of state prize winners, except for their copies. 

4.8 Souvenir products with the application of symbols of the communist totalitarian regime, symbols of the national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regime. 

4.9 Databases and accounts containing personal data, including phone numbers, email addresses, etc. 

4.10 Medicines and preparations: 

  • which are available on prescription 
  • listed as prohibited for advertising  
  • unregistered in the respective country of the Site Owner 
  • containing active ingredients of medicines (including Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Levitra, Minoxidil, Dapoxetine, Mucosate, Avanafil, generic Viagra, etc.)  limited in free circulation, including the conclusion of international competent organizations 
  • Nootropics, Steroids, Peptides, Anabolics 

4.11 Medicines not listed in this clause may be advertised on the Portal if there is a valid license to carry out business activities in the retail sale of medicines. At the same time, as a general rule, for commodity items, it is not possible to order through the basket (there is no “Buy" button) on the Portal and Site Owner’s Website. At the same time, for the period when the Government of the respective country of the Site Owner establishes quarantine in accordance with the appropriate Law of the country of the Site Owner "On the Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases", it is possible to order medicines not listed in this clause. 

4.12 Dietary supplements (including food for sports, for potency/libido, etc.) without an international certificate or other document of the country of origin about its quality and/or the conclusion of the authorizing body for safety and quality of products, of the country of the Site Owner, as well as its declared status as a “dietary supplement”. The following drugs are completely prohibited for placement on the Portal/Site Owner’s Website: Tongkat, Lida, Dali (DaLi), Basha, Lindaksa, Yarsagumba, Kuaymiy, Kanmei, Viagra, Cialis, Reduxin, Beeline, Magic Beans, Slimex. 

4.13 Pharmaceuticals, veterinary preparations and dietary supplements piece (without packaging), and medical products (e.g., such as medical mask) individually and in bulk if: 

  • the sale is exported 
  • the price of such drugs, products is 2 or more times higher than the economically sound price level for such goods. 

 Anti-epidemiological products (such as, but not limited to: medical masks, antiseptics, etc.) may be offered for sale on the Portal. 

4.14 special means of active self-defence, means of protection or limitation of mobility used by law enforcement agencies, as well as goods with hidden traumatic elements (batons, electroshock devices, tactical pens, handcuffs, gas cartridges, gas pistols, means of forced stopping of transport, devices of light-sound, acoustic and microwave exposure, means equipped for firing smoke-forming ordnance and rubber bullets, water cannons, etc.). 

4.16 services for the purchase and sale of currency and crypto currency, lending, loans, loan repayments, mortgages, pawnshop services, transfer of funds, replenishment of account. 

4.17 services of hypnotists, psychics, fortune-tellers, spiritualists, astrologers, sorcerers, diviners, other persons who declare themselves or are considered capable of predicting events, affecting people, the spiritual world, property. 

4.18 services to increase the number of subscribers and reposts in social networks, instant messengers and other resources on the Internet, as well as providing access to mechanisms that allow the actions described in this paragraph. 

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