Our advantages

We give you the power to grow your business

Absolutely free

By choosing Smilodo, you will receive some of the benefits completely free, that is, you pay only for one of the tariff plans and at the same time get a number of features that you would have to pay for on other resources.

You can be sure that working with us is not only convenient, but also profitable. You can create your own online store in just 5 minutes.

Let's see where you save if you choose us, and not other similar resources or create an online store from scratch:

Difference with competitors

Unlimited number of goods

Lack of% of sales

Unlimited traffic

Multiple currencies and language versions

Page builder

Uniquely customizable template

Free SSL certificate

Difference from building a website from scratch

Complete website for sales

No need to pay for hosting

You are not alone - support is always with you

Swiss quality and reliability

Detailed customization of goods

When setting up a commodity item, you can use both an individual approach and the mass application of settings. That is, you can edit both one product and collect it into groups (products of the same type with a price difference in color or memory size, etc.) or change the price for all products at once, but at the same time leave the "beauty" of numbers and much more ...

Change the currencies of your store at your own or current exchange rate while maintaining the recalculation of prices.

All information about goods can be entered manually or imported with the possibility of automatic synchronization with the warehouse.

Powerful export/import of goods

Co Smilodo, filling your website with products is easy and hassle-free. Our system has a popular and standardized format for export / import - YML. Import can be carried out either through a file or through a link, in the latter case, you can connect the ability to synchronize goods, which means that your goods will automatically (every 4 hours) update information about themselves (current prices, stock balances, descriptions, etc.). etc.).

Thus, all products from the old site can be transferred to our system automatically and quickly. This approach is also relevant for dropshippers.

Do you want to upload your products to any marketplaces, but keep all records in our system? - No problem.

You can export products with wide customization at any chosen tariff.

Dropshipping with Aliexpress

There are no products to sell, but you have sales skills? We know what is right for you!

Our experts have developed and implemented a dropshipping system from AliExpress. Easily select and transfer products from AliExpress to your website, change product information, set up promotions and discounts.

Diversify your product range with products from China that are bought by millions. Create your strategy and forward to implementation, and Smilodo will help you with this.

Multifunctional website builder

Now there is no need to pay programmers for a unique site, wait for its implementation and repeat everything in a circle for minor edits. With our website builder, you can create unique pages for your website without any programming knowledge.

For example, our site (where you are now) made on our site builder.

You have at your disposal a large functionality that you use for all popular screen extensions, that is, your site will look beautiful both on a monitor and on a smartphone.

We have prepared video tutorials on our constructor for quick learning, the playlist can be found here .

Simple and easy promotion of your website

Our system has a number of embedded information that helps search robots to index our clients' sites well. We help you customize your site: how to fill in the information, to what extent and what exactly to use. The functionality of the system allows you to manually make basic SEO optimization, which significantly affects the development of the resource.

If you don't have time or just want to put this question in the hands of professionals - we will help you!

We have a range of services that you can order and not worry about quality and terms. A list of services, not just marketing, can be found here: Additional services .

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