Rules for Posting Information on Smilodo

1. General Requirements 

1.1 The publication of information or content on Smilodo, the Global Marketplace and the individual eShops must be in full compliance with the requirements of the applicable legislation in Switzerland and the country in which the publishing eShop Owner has registered his company. 

1.2 In this Rules the designations of the Terms and Conditions are used as defined at https://www.smilodo.com/en/general-terms-and-conditions

1.3 The eShop Owner guarantees that the contents and information published by him are free from claims of third parties and that the fact of their publication does not violate any intellectual property rights. 

1.4 The eShop Owner furthermore guarantees that the contents and information published by him are not subject of restricting regulations of the respective legislation of the country where the eShop Owner has registered his company or has a corresponding license or special permit for it (e.g. professional activities in the securities market, production and trade in alcohol, production of human or veterinary medicines and drugs, medical and veterinary practice). 

1.5 By publishing content subject to mandatory certification or licensed activities in the country where the eShop Owner has registered his business, the eShop Owner is responsible for the existence of these licenses. 

1.6 Content is also considered prohibited if the prohibited information does not appear in the title, text, images or image descriptions, but in the keywords used. 

1.7 In case of reasonable suspicion that the content contains information about prohibited Products or encourages illegal activities, Smilodo has the right to block access to this content without warning. 

1.8 If Smilodo has noticed that the eShop Owner discloses content that is prohibited for publication according to these rules or the legislation of the country in which the eShop Owner has registered his company, or performs other activities without compulsory permission, the eShop Owner is warned that the violation must be removed or the content is automatically blocked without warning.  

2. Contents which may lead to Sanctions 

Smilodo has the right to restrict access to information in whole or in part if the information contains the following: 

2.1 Data of other Smilodo users, confidential information about individuals (their personal data), as well as materials containing state, bank secrets; information about other eShop Owners that are already represented on the portal. 

2.2 Information that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties (copyright, rights to marks for Products, patent law, trade secrets, etc.), including the use of trademarks, images, texts and other information without the permission of the copyright holder. 

2.3 Information that violates personal rights, including containing information infringing on privacy, or insulting the honour, dignity or business reputation of individuals or legal entities. 

2.4 Contents that contain unsubstantiated allegations against a person or company as well as defamation or threats. 

2.5 Profanity and vulgar and/or offensive language. 

2.6 Calls for violence and illegal actions, propaganda of hatred, violence, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, ethnic conflicts. 

2.7 Information containing elements of cruelty, violence, pornography, cynicism, humiliation of human honor and dignity. 

2.8 Contents aimed at providing sexual services and trafficking in persons. 

2.9 Images of partially or fully exposed intimate parts of the human body, and images of adult products similar to these, unless the environment is clearly marked and secured as "adult only". This applies equally to the verbal description of intimate body parts in a vulgar form as well as to the description or depiction of sexual relations.

2.10 Information on methods of fraud, deception, breach of trust, as well as on methods of violation or circumvention of existing legislation. 

2.11 Content constituting illegal commercial offers (spam mailings); 

2.12 Unscrupulous, unreliable, unethical information, hidden advertising, as well as information that harms the business reputation of competitors of the eShop Owner. 

2.13 Any other information that violates these Rules and the laws of the respective country, where the eShop Owner has registered his company.

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