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Build custom modules

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Build custom modules

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If somehow it happens that you lack some functions or you have developed a cool CRM system and want to work only with it, we have no problem fulfilling all your wishes. What we will do :

  • Preparing a plan
    We develop an individual plan based on your requirements in a call with you, for an accurate understanding of all the tasks and wishes that you want to bring to life.
  • Drawing up the terms of reference for developers
    We collect all the information from the plan and prepare a task for the developers, so as not to miss a single requirement and the work was done qualitatively and effectively.
  • Implementing the module into the system
    After writing the new functionality, it must be implemented in the system and fully adapted for easy and pleasant work.
  • QA testing 
    Although our developers are high-class professionals: everything is done well, bugs are still possible. Testing is carried out to make sure that everything works correctly, quickly and without bugs. To do this we simulate possible actions with the functionality and simulate loads to identify possible problems.
  • Eliminating bugs detected during the testing phase
    Rarely, but sometimes small defects are identified during testing, and because we strive to have perfect quality of our products, all these defects are eliminated.
  • Module implementation
    After a complete development and testing process, we implement the finished module in your store.

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