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Run promotional campaigns

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Run promotional campaigns

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According to recent studies, everyone spends at least 2 hours in social networks and the audience of social networks is growing every day. Naturally, you should not miss the chance to promote your business, in such a pleasant environment for sales. Our specialists will set up advertising in all popular social networks. This service includes:

  • A complete breakdown of the target audience
    Analysis of potential customers. We identify their age, sex, region of location, purchasing power. This is necessary to effectively spend the budget and increase conversions by targeting only potential customers.
  • Making three USP
    We make unique selling propositions, we develop several at once, for each cluster of your target audience.
  • Creating an advertising account
    We create and set up advertising accounts, link payments, allocate target audience, generate ads.
  • Selecting the correct targets for the advertising campaign
    Setting up and setting goals to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
  • Creation of three creatives in each advertising campaign
    For each cluster of the target audience to create three versions of ads to test and select the most effective format ads.
  • Test advertising setup
    Test launch of advertising. Determine effective channels, expand the audience.
  • Launch retargeting
    Run additional ads for users who are already your customers, to hold their loyalty.
  • Changing creative solutions every two weeks
    Analytics and adjustments are aimed at improving the quality and effectiveness of advertising.
  • Reporting on the results at the end of each month
    Prepare a full report on the work done, the funds spent. We make a work plan for the next month.
  • Budget expences
    Advertising budget is not included in the cost of this service.

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