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Writing content for your site

  • Writing content for your site

Writing content for your site

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There is a belief that the Internet is ruled by "pictures with cats" and no one reads texts.

This is partly true, but it applies only to low-quality or boring content that is not interesting to read. Our copywriters are ready to write about any of your services or products. The service includes :

  • Selection of relevant topics
    Our experts will select the most relevant and hot topics. Or check your content and prepare recommendations for its correction and updating.
  • Formation of Terms of Reference for texts
    Based on the analysis of topics and content, we will prepare terms of reference for authors to outline the structure of texts, volumes, technical parameters and content.
  • Content writing
    Author's work on the creation of unique content based on the terms of reference.
  • Editor's work and checking texts for technical parameters
    After writing the texts are additionally checked by editors for compliance with the terms of reference and for grammatical and punctuation errors, correcting them.

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