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Develop your marketing strategy

  • Develop your marketing strategy

Develop your marketing strategy

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The best way to quickly take your company to the market leaders is to develop and apply the right marketing strategy. Our marketers and digital specialists will conduct all the necessary research, select the most relevant channels, make a forecast of the effectiveness and estimates of the expected costs. What will be done:

  • Study of the company, identifying strengths, USP
    We study the company's products, prepare a unique selling proposition, identify weaknesses and select points of growth for quick results.
  • Competitor analysis
    We analyze the top competitors, determine weaknesses and strengths. We study the product range, marketing tools and advertising budgets used by competitors.
  • Market analysis
    Complete analysis of the market for its capacity, purchasing power. We identify effective sales channels.
  • Creating a client avatar
    Based on market analysis we form an avatar of the potential client, his preferences, needs, identify channels of effective communication.
  • Selecting of advertising channels, making forecasts
    Based on an analysis of the target audience and the selection of effective advertising channels we forecast advertising costs and the potential flow of clients.
  • We prepare a final report with all the data, prepare the launch of an advertising campaign.

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