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Setting up and managing Google Shopping

  • Setting up and managing Google Shopping

Setting up and managing Google Shopping

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Google Shopping, in simple terms "product advertising" is a relatively new marketing tool developed by Google. Its essence is to advertise merchandise items during a user's key query. Thanks to this approach gets a high level of conversions, because the user goes to the page with the product of interest at once, rather than the general catalog, as in the case of the classic context. This type of advertising is perfect for mono-brand stores. This service includes:

  • Creating a Google Merchant Center account
    We register and configure the necessary elements of the service to launch an advertising campaign.
  • Linking advertising accounts
    If you have several advertising campaigns, we will combine them. We'll adjust the goals to work more effectively and at less cost.
  • Creating a product unload feed and uploading it
    To advertise correctly and display the actual prices, you need to generate a special upload in the format required by Google. It should include only the necessary items for advertising.
  • Setting up advertising campaigns
    We set up advertising, linking product positions with key queries. We set up time of displays, audience, geography of displays.
  • Performance Monitoring
    We conduct ongoing analysis of advertising campaigns for key performance indicators, profitability, identifying weaknesses and improving the quality of advertising campaigns.
  • Adjusting and improving advertisements
    Based on the audits we make adjustments to the settings, improve targeting, the quality of ads, as a result we achieve maximum ROI.
  • Performance Reporting
    At the end of each month we prepare a report on the work done, the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, the money spent. We prepare a plan for the next month.
  • Budget expences
    Advertising budget is not included in the cost of this service.
Duration Monthly payment.

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