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If you would like to have your own store, but do not really want to understand a new platform, or just do not have time, our team will gladly do everything for you. What exactly will we do:

  • Preparing a plan
    We develop an individual plan based on your requirements in a call with you, for an accurate understanding of all the tasks and wishes that you want to bring to life.
  • Appearance customization
    Based on the plan and your wishes, we develop a unique color palette for your store, as well as adapt all the necessary blocks under the given criteria. Or if you already have a store with an excellent design, we will transfer it to our platform and carry out the adaptation.
  • Import of product items
    If you have a base, for example, from suppliers, or from your existing store, we will transfer everything in full and adjust the correct display or help you form a base for import.
  • Creating a top and bottom menu
    Will place all necessary information, contacts, addresses, etc. Also, we will select and put quick links for the transition to the sections of the site, for the most convenient, fast and efficient navigation of users on the site.
  • Adding another language version of the site (translation from the current information)
    If you are planning to reach out to several countries at once, or the country you sell in uses several languages, our translators are ready to adapt all your content for the languages you specify. We will also add language selectors to the site and enter all the necessary information.
  • Setting up product categories
    We will analyze your entire assortment and, based on the analysis, develop a convenient and functional structure of the site and filters, which will greatly improve user interaction with your store, and as a result, help to increase sales.
  • Payment and delivery setup
    Will select, install and configure payment systems, as well as delivery modules (in stock), that will meet your requirements.
  • Setting up analytics systems
    Will connect and set up the analytics systems that interest you to track your achievements, as well as advertising campaigns.
  • Content is provided by the customer
    The content (text/photos/pictures, etc.) in all selected (additional) languages is provided by the customer. As soon as we receive it from the client, we start embedding it to the page.

Please check the details on the adjacent page.


Writing text Not included.
Additional language Duplication of design in the selected language
Home page 2-5 design blocks.
Contact Page 2-5 design blocks.
About us Page 2-5 design blocks.
Text translation Not included.
Domain or Subdomain Connecting at your choice.
Payment Methods
Stripe Included.
Liq Pay Included.
Payment on Delivery Included.
Way For Pay Included.
Delivery methods
Self fetching shipping Included.
New Post Included.
Standard Post Versand Included.
All currencies Included.
Google Analytics Included.
Yandex Analytics Included.
Import Products
Import YML to Smilodo Included.
Customer support Included.
Due date Individual deadlines.
Getting Started After successful payment.
Three (3) design edits Included.

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