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A high-quality and informative presentation of a product is the key to its sale. In online stores this function is taken over by the text description of the goods and the more qualitative, complete and attractive it is, the higher the probability of sale. Our authors are ready to write the best texts for your product and, thus, raise your sales. This service includes:  

  • Preparing the terms of reference for a unique article
    We prepare a task for authors: on the volume of text, its structure and technical parameters for successful ranking in search engines.
  • Content writing
    Writing the texts themselves, proofreading by editors, checking technical parameters and correcting if necessary.
  • Search for photos to the description (1-2 pcs.)
    Selling products on the Internet without a photo it is impossible so if necessary, we will select photos, retouch and trim to the right size, as well as make crimping, so that the photo is faster loading.
  • Placement of texts and formatting according to the rules of content management
    Publication of content, formatting to the requirements of search engines, writing the necessary headings, paragraphs.
  • Writing meta tags
    Writing the right meta tags (title and description). Their presence and correct filling is a requirement of search engines.

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