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Design a new logo

  • Design a new logo

Design a new logo

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The logo is one of the main components of a brand. Often, the logo is more recognizable than the name itself. That's why it needs to be developed with care. Our designers are ready to create a logo that is not only recognizable, but also admired by people. The service includes:

  • Preparing a brief
    We develop an individual brief based on your requirements, for an accurate understanding of all the tasks and wishes that you want to bring to life.
  • Niche, market and target audience analysis
    To create the right logo, which will not only fully convey the philosophy of your company, but will also be recognizable and memorable, it must be easily perceived by your target audience. And also, to avoid misunderstandings and plagiarism, an analysis of competitors is carried out, so that the logos do not overlap.
  • Selection of ideas
    After analyzing and reading the brief, formed a pool of ideas and options from which the most relevant are selected.
  • Developing multiple prototypes
    We draw good prototype versions into black and white prototypes to select the most appropriate form factors.
  • Color design
    After the prototypes are made, they are given a color design, and thus the accents are set.
  • Providing several options to choose from (3)
    The complete logos are submitted for approval.
  • Formation of vector sources of the agreed version of the prototype
    After agreeing on the chosen option, we will send all the sources, so you can use them, for example, for subsequent printing business cards, letterheads or for use in printing branded Merch.

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