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Transfer shop designs

  • Transfer shop designs

Transfer shop designs

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If you already have a cool design or you only trust your designer, and do not have time or desire to understand the code of the engine. We will easily transfer the design to our platform. So you can enjoy a really comfortable and high quality product, with a design that you like. The service includes:

  • Design customization for platform features
    Any design, to make it functional, needs to be made up - that is, to translate the picture into code.  As with any engine, our platform has its own algorithms for which you need to make the layout.
  • Design adaptation for mobile devices
    In today's reality, most purchases are made from mobile devices. For this reason, the store must display correctly on the screens of mobile devices. It must be convenient. In order for you not to lose a single customer our experts carry out adaptation.
  • Cross-browser and cross-platform adaptation
    Because everyone is different and uses different devices and browsers, you need to ensure that your store works correctly on all devices. To do this, we implement all the necessary tools.
  • QA testing
    Although our developers are high-class professionals: everything is done well, bugs are still possible. Testing is carried out to make sure that everything works correctly, quickly and without bugs. To do this we simulate possible actions with the functionality and simulate loads to identify possible problems.
  • Eliminating bugs detected during the testing phase
    Rarely, but sometimes small defects are identified during testing, and because we strive to have perfect quality of our products, all these defects are eliminated.
  • Connecting modules
    The final step is connecting the admin panel of the site and configuring all the functionality so you can fully enjoy your store.

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