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2021-01-12 23:39:00

Nowadays, many people are thinking about doing business through the Internet, but their worries about the lack of money to purchase goods do not make it possible to make their plans real.

There are doubts about the relevance of the direction, the delivery time frame and others. Investing the last savings in advertising, renting a warehouse, and a wholesale consignment of goods so that the price is competitive is a big risk for a novice entrepreneur. What if it doesn't work out? 

BUT, in order to answer all the questions about the doubts of the niche, they came up with a dropshipping system. Here you can improve your sales skill and monitor how relevant the chosen area is.

Dropshipping is a reseller store that sells items from a supplier's warehouse. The reseller attracts visitors, turns them into buyers, and passes the completed order to the dropshipper.

A dropshipper is a supplier or manufacturer of a product. 

The mediator is exempt from: 

warehouse rent; 

budget for the purchase of products; 

company registration; 

purchase of cash register equipment;

report to the tax office.

The most important thing in sales is to find a “good” supplier who will provide flexible terms of turnover, high-quality goods, and an affordable price, taking into account your margin. An interesting question is how to find it ?!

The first step is to decide where you will sell the product.

If you work according to the small wholesale scheme, it does not matter where the supplier is from. If according to the direct delivery scheme, it is very important, since it is he who will deliver the goods to the customers! 

Further work with the search engine. 

You study the top 50 dropshippers, their website, cooperation details, product, price, and calculate the approximate benefit for yourself. Start a correspondence or call, prepare a number of interesting questions in order to more accurately form the picture. 

So you've chosen your suppliers, what's next? 

Working according to the dropshipping model, as mentioned above, the owners of the online store are free from solving the problems of logistics and managing the balances in warehouses. Your main task is to drive traffic to your website, optimize your marketing channels to convert visitors to customers, and support them.

The most optimal option for dropshipping is the SMILODO work system. Unlike popular CMS systems such as Bitrix and Opencart, solutions do not require searching and installing additional modules and improving SEO tools. We do not have open source that will constantly try to hack. Searching for specialists to create your own online store will take a lot of time and not a little money. This is very distracting from the main sales tasks and the constant search for good suppliers. And the creation of a completely ready-to-use online store on the SMILODO cloud solution will take you only a couple of days, and if you are an experienced user of such resources - a couple of hours. 

As soon as you've started an online business, it's worth testing out simple and inexpensive marketing channels to get your first customers. Social media is a common option for advertising at the stage of business development, brand awareness and driving traffic to websites. Visitors quickly turn into buyers and ... the process is started! This is where you start by creating your brand's public pages on Instagram and Facebook and adding social media pixels to your site to gather an audience of site visitors. Subsequently, you can use this audience to create an advertising campaign. By optimizing your social media ads using quality content, you can convert a significant portion of your audience into traffic for your online store with a low cost per click. 

And we take care of the issues of SEO-website promotion

Cooperation of dropshippers with SMILODO is a good and confident start, which does not require large investments and gives the maximum result in the shortest possible time.

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