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2021-09-30 00:00:00

In this article, we will talk about how to start your business using our platform, selling goods on the Internet, without much effort and with minimal costs, with a real example.

Unlike the usual trade, dropshipping is the sale of "someone else's" goods (from manufacturers or suppliers). This gives us both pluses and minuses, further about them in more detail:

Minimum costs for starting a business

You do not waste time and money on:

  • paperwork for goods
  • storage
  • logistics
  • a guarantee

Minimal risks

You do not enter into an agreement: lease or with a delivery service, do not have warranty obligations to buyers and do not care about unsold goods in the warehouse. You can easily stop activities in one day.

Wide range of possibilities

This business model allows you to use several stores with different types of goods at the same time. You can sell just one product and expand further, or you can create a store with a huge range of products to make money on many small sales.

There is no control over the quality of goods and stock balances

In this case, you cannot influence it. The supplier, in most cases, will not take into account your wishes.

Suppliers can manipulate your customer base

Unscrupulous suppliers can use you to promote their brand and bypass you by offering a product directly to your customers.

After weighing all the pros and cons, most people do not abandon the idea to open a business on the Internet. And we in turn help you to present goods to future buyers: creating for you an online store with the ability to promote goods and the full cycle of ordering, synchronization with the supplier's goods and statistics.

Setting up a real example for running a business

To begin with, you need to create an online store on the Smilodo platform and choose a suitable tariff plan with the ability to integrate future products.

You can find out how to create an online store at this link .

Next, we choose a partner-supplier with favorable terms of cooperation and competitive prices. Here are some examples of partners with good product unloading:

In our opinion, one of the most convenient services to use is MsDrop , with it we will go through all the stages of connecting to our system.

After completing a simple registration on the site as a dropshipper, you will create an account for further robots. A catalog with wholesale and dropshipping prices for products will appear for you and you can add products to your product list and then upload these products to your site on the Smilodo platform.

In this area of the site you will find information about the product: the balance in the warehouse, dropshipping and the recommended price. By clicking the "Add to my products" button on your favorite products, you will create a list of your products for sale.

You can also buy this product and test the work with this supplier (time of packaging and dispatch of goods, product quality, etc.), moreover, at a dropshipping price.

By clicking on the link https://msdrop.com.ua/export, you can start setting up the unloading of goods. You can select products from your product list, or from all categories or one specific category.

After setting up the export file, we need to copy the URL with the upload in YML format (Click "Copy Link").

Next, go to the admin. panel of your site on the Smilodo platform and go to the "Export" page ("Products" -> "Export / Import"). Select the "Export Type", the "YML" tab and select the export method: using an .xml file or using a link. In the case of exporting goods using the link (which you copied from the export form on the MsDrop website), you can set up synchronization of goods, which will check the relevance of information about goods every 4 hours.

Now you just have to wait for the completion of the export of goods to your site (the time depends on the number of positions in the export file).

After the export is complete, you can use all the selected supplier products on your site.

Order processing

By properly advertising your products, you will begin to receive consistent orders that need to be processed.

To increase sales, you can always contact us for help by choosing the range of services that suits you -> Marketing Services .

You will see new orders on the "Orders" page in your admin. panel and receive notifications by Email.

When processing an order, you need to change its status to display its progress. The entire history of order processing is stored in chronological order.

All that remains is to pass the order information to your supplier. If the payment for the goods went online, then you immediately receive money to your account and transfer to the supplier only the amount that was announced (minus your margin). But if payment for the goods occurs upon receipt of the goods by the client, then the supplier pays you the price difference.

Good sales to all!

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