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2021-08-24 10:40:00

Of course, everybody are interested in how to make money online? How do people manage to earn extra income online or work remotely at all? 

There are wild range of remote professions as well as the demand for them. 

And here in Smilodo we got some online job for you. We won't promise you a mountain of gold or that you won't have to make any effort. By becoming a Smilodo Affiliate partner you can make real money. We are not asking for any cash deposits. 

We are asking you to bring a client for us and get a commission for yourself. 

 Below you can read and better understand how this is working:

What is Smilodo?

Smilodo is the NEW, fully customizable online shop builder and integrated global marketplace. In short, we're about services, which make people being able to sell products online easily. 

In general, what to do if a entrepreneur has goods for sale, but no own site? This is not a problem for us. With Smilodo you can create an online store in a a couple of clicks and sell your products online. We will connect the domain or the set up the store for you. We will draw a banner, logo, create a design and develop a marketing strategy. 

We will do everything to make it easier and faster for our customers to get orders and grow. 

Why do I need Smilodo if I do not have any products to sell?

This is just a great question. In order to bring a client to our platform, by becoming a Smilodo Affiliate partner and earn your money. Don't you get it? Let me explain it to you. 

You get a comission of the customer's payment (the user who has registered his online store) of the chosen plan cost at a rate of 20% for six months (if he continues to cooperate for six months with Smilodo; if the customer cooperates for example four months within six months, you get 20% for these four months). 

When you find a person who is ready to create an online store, you suggest to create it with Smilodo. As soon as he pays for the plan on Smilodo, you are getting the first commission.

You can check the prices for our plans here. 

It turns out that, that if you bring a client who choses the Business plan and pays for it for six months, you are getting $44.5. Of course, the more users you bring to the platform, the more you get: a very simple math. You bring us customers, we pay you the comission. Do we have a deal? 

Below you can clearly see how the system works on each of the plans offered by Smilodo:

Basic Plan (example)

Pro Plan (example)

Business Plan (example)

Who is a potential Smilodo customer? 

Smilodo cutomer.

Naturally, this is a person who is thinking about selling online. But how do you find out who he might be? In fact, it is not that difficult.

You should definitely focus on the small to mid-sized group of sellers who have their physical stores but don't own online ones.

It could be a salesman from whom you buy products every day, but he does not yet sell online. He might even be thinking about it, but simply doesn't know who to contact the best. You could use an opportunity like this! 

Or it could be a small workshop in your town. It might be any of existing services: from teaching singing lessons to giving massages. 

And further down the list: selling antiques or books, cleaning or repair services, selling secondhand goods. 

Start thinking who in your circle needs a little push to start an online business. And get your commission for work!

Where will I find them?

The city, town or village you currently occupy. You have to go out from your place and come into every up-and-coming store that you think has potential for online growth and convince them to use Smilodo for online sales.

Yeah, we know that it will not be easy....

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Smilodo Affiliate program, please feel free to contact Maria - our support manager. She will kindly explain everything to you once again or provide more detailed information if necessary.





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