Sell more: Smilodo tricks not found on other marketplaces

2020-09-30 13:00:00

The biggest fear of aspiring businessmen is to lose their money and be left with nothing. It is like a stoplight that dooms many startups to failure, preventing them from performing well. But the Smilodo trading platform has several advantages that will not only provide a guarantee of return on investment, but also increase them in the first month of use! Let's first understand the features of marketplaces.

Why is a marketplace more profitable than an online store?

The most valuable thing any entrepreneur has is resources: time and money. After placing an order with a web studio or developer, submitting the correct technical specification and discussions it, will take several months before you can get a complete online store. This is already a definite plus of the marketplace. For the same steps, creating and launching a store on the marketplace platform will take several days. The only question is about the features of each store separately.

The second, undoubtedly important advantage is the ability to scale the business and grow rapidly. As a rule, the user has several thousand products available in dozens of categories. Moreover, there is no need to add them all at once. A user can launch a very small store with 15-20 products and gradually expand its scale.

Highlights and bonuses of the Smilodo marketplace

While others are developing platforms for making money, Smilodo decided to create a marketplace for a convenient and easy online business. Therefore, you will find some really useful features here:

  • Visual editor.

    It's so boring to look at the monotonous market shops. Go to the Smilodo constructor and customize the color scheme, text block placement, banners, images, slideshows, and more. Make your turnkey store stand out from the competition!

  • Mobile version of the site.

    We're not just downsizing your store to fit your device's screen. We adjust the blocks to make them as attractive and presentable as possible. Do not be afraid that something will be displayed “clumsily” from the phone. Mobile shopping is the future, and we are ready for it!

  • Multilingual and multicurrency.

    Selling internationally or want to reach an even wider audience? Set up multiple languages and currencies for your store at once. You will definitely not find such an IT solution on other marketplaces!

  • Integration of additional modules.

This feature gives your business virtually unlimited growth opportunities! For a standard monthly fee, you can set up a full-fledged e-commerce project for yourself. Functional limitations are just your imagination.

  • Built-in CRM system.

While others are spending money on purchasing additional solutions, Smilodo provides you with a ready-made customer account. It can be connected to the most popular postal and payment services, as well as to the internal accounting department of the enterprise.

  • The work of SEO specialists and marketers

The Smilodo marketplace is meticulously designed by marketers and SEO specialists. This means that the usability of your store will be at the highest level, and the positioning within the search engines will only get better! SEO modules are also available for additional promotion in the TOP-10 of search results.

In addition, we added an unlimited number of products. You can transfer your store from another platform in just a few clicks!

Grow, scale and earn with Smilodo!

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