Smilodo demos: try your ready-made store

2020-08-18 08:08:00

The marketplace can offer users many features and benefits, as well as launch promotions and bonuses. But all this is in vain if a person does not see what exactly he is paying for. It's like buying a pig in a poke - choosing a monthly subscription and finding out that in words everything was great, but in fact - half of the opportunities did not meet expectations.

To show users the full benefits of the platform, Smilodo has created Demo stores - full-size examples of stores that can be built on the platform. This is a great time saver and gives you the opportunity to evaluate all the chips even before your free trial!

What demo shops are there on Smilodo?

Several stores have been created on our marketplace, divided by color in accordance with the relevant specifications:

  • blue theme for food delivery, seafood, clothing;
  • orange theme for electronics, healthy food and toys;
  • dark theme for sports, teenage and gaming goods;
  • green theme for healthy food, eco-products, medical products;
  • dark gray theme for stationery, auto parts and home supplies.

    The color scheme was chosen by marketers based on consumer associations. Each demo store uses a standard template. The differences are only in a few blocks of the home page, so you can appreciate the variety of design options. By the way, all information is also selected individually for the topic.

Demo sections

Demo stores are conceived as a full-fledged online store without the ability to make purchases. Accordingly, all the sections that you find in each of the examples will be available in the standard template.

The user's acquaintance with the online store begins with the catalog. There is a filter by category, cost, attributes; sorting by prices, name, nevelty of goods. You can display products in a list or grid, 6, 12 or 24 positions per page.

Then the user can navigate to the product card . There he will find a photo, description, rating, customer reviews and, of course, the coveted Buy button. By the way, any product can be added to "Favorites" by clicking on the heart, or share it on any social network.

Available in demo mode and shopping cart overview. You, as a regular user, can estimate how it will look in the end. It displays fields for registration, entering postal and payment data, and also displays a list of selected goods with the order amount.

By using a blog, you can promote your store on the search engine or do content marketing. This will be relevant for absolutely any area of trade - be it a pet store or fitness products.

The page "About us" contains information about the store, its features and advantages over competitors. There you can place a selling block with icons or make an attractive infographic.

In the "Contacts" section , you can place a feedback form, phone numbers, email and even a mark on the map indicating the address if you have a physical store. Convenient for those who want to scale their existing business into the online.

Smilodo Demo stores are a great IT solution to understand the final look of your future store. No pitfalls or hidden fees. Choose the template you like and register! An unlimited number of products are immediately available to you, and you can transfer a store from another platform in just a couple of hours.

Earn more with Smilodo!

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