What is remarketing and retargeting

2021-01-22 17:55:00

First, let's get acquainted with the theoretical part of the question in order to understand the subject matter more in detail. 

Remarketing is a Google Ads technology that allows users to return to a website they have previously visited. They will be shown advertisements on the Display Network (Display Network) sites and remind them of what they were looking for. 

Retargeting is a Yandex.Direct technology that allows you to broadcast advertisements on YAN (Yandex Advertising Network) sites either to an already selected audience, or to those who have visited the site and performed a certain action there. 

Thus, these are technologies that help display ads to users who have visited your site. 


remarketing is configured in Google AdWords, and retargeting in Yandex.Direct;

customization options and ad formats differ depending on the ad system.


sell to potential buyers;

resell to existing clients;

inform about promotions and special offers.


1) Dynamic. Automatic display of ads on the Google Display Network or the Yandex Advertising Network with specific products that your website visitors were previously interested in. Dynamic remarketing is highly personalized to ensure a high response rate. 

2) Standard remarketing in the KMC is a common remarketing when an advertiser "catches up" a user who has left the site. 

3) Social media remarketing / retargeting. The ability to remind your site visitors about yourself in the feed of social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin. 

4) Remarketing on YouTube video hosting. This type of advertising is seen by users who have ever interacted with your YouTube channel (watched a video, liked it, commented, etc.). 

5) Remarketing by email list. 

6) Search remarketing is adjusting bids or limiting the audience of a search campaign only to users from the remarketing list. 

So is there a difference between the two? 

From the information above, we can conclude that remarketing and retargeting are technologies that return a visitor to your site and thereby motivate them to take a certain action (purchase, etc.). 

There are not many main differences: 

• remarketing is configured in Google Ads, and retargeting in Yandex.Direct; 

• depending on the advertising system, ad formats and settings differ significantly. 

How do you analyze if your site needs these features? 

Considering the recommendations, test this direction. Run several advertising campaigns, track the conversion rate for calls / messages / requests. Today there are automatic services that will help to monitor these indicators, automatically pull up data from all resources (Facebook / Instagram, Google Ads and Yandex.Metrica).

Who is it suitable for? 

Suitable for everyone, especially small and medium-sized businesses. If you don't have an impressive budget for promotion and contextual advertising, this is your format. 

In the only one case, both are NOT SUITABLE for those who are prohibited from advertising by advertising systems. This list can be found at the link in our previous article. 

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