Now you can create an even more personalized online store

2021-11-15 00:00:00

The Smilodo team has developed and implemented new functionality to customize the appearance of your site: it became possible to choose from different structures of "headers" and "footers" of the site, as well as change the font for the entire online store and for some elements separately (Text, Title, Button) ...

In this article we will talk in more detail about the new functionality, tell you how it works and how to use it.

First, go to the admin. panel of your site and go to the "Store settings" menu item, and then to the "Design" section. In this section, you could already customize the appearance of the components that will be used in the constructor, and now it's time to change the header and footer of the site.

Change the appearance of the top and bottom of the site

Header and footer is the top and bottom of your site, which can now be matched to your site design. For your attention, we have added 10 header and footer templates and placed them in sliders for easy navigation. Scrolling through the slider you view the preview of the image for the structures (color scheme and language to adapt to your online store) and choose the appropriate type of blocks by setting the "bird" in the upper right corner.

Changing the structure of the site header

To view the block elements in more detail - click in the middle of the slide to enlarge the image.

This functionality works in the same way with the lower part of the site (basement).

Additional settings and new behavior for the header of your site:

The ability to pin / unpin the top of the site (when scrolling down the page, part of the header functionality is always available by pinning to the top of the screen).

Hide the icon-link "Favorites"

Hide the icon link "My Account"

If there is one language version or currency, the selection with the choice is not displayed

Since the structures are different and some of them already lack functionality, you don't need to customize them. And also, you can fix some header designs only on the mobile version and at the same time not be fixed on the monitor.

Setting a new font up for the site

It also became possible to edit the fonts that can be used on the site. To do this, in the editing area "Style settings for your site" select the font you like (you can see how the font looks after selection in the "Sample text").

For more personalized page designs , you can add 2 more fonts, which can then be used in the constructor (for a variety of headings, quotes, banners, etc.).

Do not forget that when choosing, for example, all 3 different fonts for the site, your pages will load longer, as time will be spent on loading each of them.

After making changes, do not forget to apply all settings by clicking on the "Save" button.

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