How to open your own online clothing store?

2021-02-04 15:01:00

Clothing is a product that will always be in demand. It is this fact that gives everyone the opportunity to build a successful online business selling such products. Despite the fact that the competition in this area is quite high, it is still possible to become a leader without much financial impact. But for this you have to try hard. In this article we will tell you how to create your online store and how to make it successful. 

It is important to make the right decisions during the launch and develop a strategic business marketing plan, as properly opening an online clothing store is not an easy task. About 40% of the success of your online business depends on your own character and the right strategy at startup. The other 40% of success is from the range and niche you choose. 20% are various circumstances: investment in marketing, work with customers, activity of competitors. 

Immediately note that any accurate forecasts at the planning stage are often doomed to failure. It's like predicting rain in six months. 

On average, these are: 

The average bill for clothing for adults is about UAH 1,500-3,000. 30% buy more than one product.

The cost of attracting a customer at the start is very high. But, over time, cost reduces due to the pumping of social networks and SEO.

The cost of order processing (taxes, calls, packaging, gifts, etc.) is about 10-12% of the average check. Shipping is considered separately.

It is desirable to have a margin of at least 100%.

Primary questions of starting a business from scratch: "Where do online stores get clothes from, where they order, buy, how to start selling." 

You can easily implement all these points on our Smilodo platform and, of course, experts will answer all questions in understandable language. 

We will help with the transfer, design, functionality and answer all your questions! 


Decide on store concept and clothing style. Competitive analysis and a complete shopper image will help you find the right store concept. What style will the online clothing store be designed for (boho, grunge, business style, casual, mixed)? A store with its own concept, with its own unique selling proposition, will attract an audience and regular customers. 


In search engines, you can easily find suppliers. But do not dwell on the first offers that come across. Take the time to find reliable partners. Focus on the following criteria: 


If you are in Kharkiv and your supplier is in Ivano-Frankovsk, will it be convenient for you to wait for the delivery of goods across the country? What if the supplier of your unique product is in America or Australia? It is important to consider delivery times in order not to lose customers. 


The only negative review about your product can wind up the whole shop. For a new online store, quality is especially important. If you "entered" into a negative customer review at the inception stage, then nothing will save the still unformed reputation. Therefore, do not be fooled by a too low price. You may be faced with a defective batch of goods that the supplier gets rid of for next to nothing. Of course, if you buy cheap from partners, then you can make the price lower or earn more for customers. But is it worth the risk? 



In general, everything is identical to the delivery scheme for an ordinary online store. Courier delivery to large cities, to remote regions of Ukraine Post or NEW MAIL


Please be patient! After all, "Moscow was not built right away either!" In order to get the first net profit from an online store, it takes a lot of time. To calculate exactly, use the blogs of marketing analysts - they are in it! You will have to work, make an effort, disassemble the advertising methods and read our blogs! There you will definitely find answers to a lot of starting questions. Online sales are now at their peak of popularity, it is convenient, practical and with minimal traffic costs. Stay tuned with SMILODO! 

Read our Instagram, in each post we provide relevant and necessary information for newbies and useful recommendations for "seasoned" entrepreneurs. 

As Scrooge McDuck used to say, “How did I get so rich? I was smarter than the smartest and more stubborn than the most stubborn! " Just be patient. 

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