How to create an online store in one click?

2020-03-17 18:07:00

Who would not like to start earning money with minimal investment and in the shortest possible time? This has become possible thanks to marketplaces. 

This is the name of the platform, on the basis of which you can create your own online store using a template, a kind of “site within the site”. All that is required of the user is to register on the portal, pay for a subscription with the desired functionality and unload the products (in a separate list or by transfer from another resource). If you create a complete e-commerce site, it will take months and thousands of dollars to develop it! This is why many entrepreneurs who hava offline stores prefer marketplaces to sell their products online. It is fast, convenient and does not require any additional efforts. But how do you choose the site that will not disappoint on the first day?

Smilodo marketplace is the best IT solution for big sales

The Smilodo marketplace is a young and promising project that has collected the best solutions for marketplaces. For an affordable price, you can get a complete and effective service for doing business. Moreover, people who have never encountered IT solutions before can work with it.

Start your business

Smilodo advantages:

  1. An excellent choice for those who want to start their own business in one click (in the truest sense of the word). To register on the service, you do not need to enter any data, except for your email address and password. The rest is already right in the profile.

  2. Intuitively simple service management. A person without special computer skills will be able to transfer a store from another platform, customize the appearance and several language versions in a few minutes.

  3. Store templates are designed with usability and marketing in mind. You can be sure that your store will become “selling” from the first days of its creation!

  4. Unlimited products. Smilodo supports its customers and wants them to grow and develop. Therefore, we have no restrictions on the number of products. Add as many positions and titles as required. There are no additional fees or restrictions.

  5. A ready-made CRM system for your business. When creating an online store on Smilodo, you don't need to worry about customer tracking. All information about orders, customers, payments and deliveries is stored in a ready-made CRM solution that integrates with most payment and accounting systems.

  6. Availability of modules for SEO promotion. When creating a marketplace, we took into account the wishes of search engines. Therefore, when creating your ready-made store with Smilodo, you don't have to worry about the visibility of the resource on Google or Yandex. But if you want to get into the TOP, you can use the modules for full-fledged SEO promotion and bringing the site to the TOP 10 search results.

  7. By purchasing a subscription and choosing one of the templates, you also get a full-fledged mobile version of the store. It's no secret that most purchases are made from smartphones.
With a store on Smilodo, you get great functionality and unlimited opportunities for developing your own business!

Smilodo marketplace is the best IT solution for big sales

To start selling with Smilodo, you need to create a profile and decide on a tariff plan : “Basic” , “Pro” or “Business” .

A complete store can be obtained with a basic subscription for $13. “Pro” and “Business” offer advanced functionality required by those who can no longer cope with the flow of orders and filling goods on their own. In addition, you have the opportunity to try out the demo version of our platform for 14 days.

Start selling today with Smilodo!

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