How to buy safely with Smilodo? Guide: how NOT to make a mistake when choosing a seller and pay reliably

2021-07-26 17:28:00

Buying online has become commonplace. In Ukraine alone, due to new realities, e-commerce increased by 41% in 2020. Almost 9% of all purchases made by Ukrainians happen online. Of course, it is much easier to buy in a couple of clicks without leaving home, in advance keeping a distance:). 

But even these advantages do not save you from possible fraudsters online, which, unfortunately, can still spoil your mood. So how not to fall into the hands of fraudsters and how to be sure that the money has been credited to the account of a reliable seller, and the goods have already started their way to your home? 

With Smilodo it's easy! In this article we will tell you what to look at when choosing your supplier and how to make a safe purchase on the Marketplace. 

First of all, we want to remind you to read the General Terms and Conditions before you buy with Smilodo. Do not forget that Smilodo is not a party to the electronic transaction between the selling eShop and the end customer. All of these sales transactions are concluded directly between the eShop owner and the end Customer. Therefore, the buyers should keep an eye out. to make sure you get the product or service for the money you paid. 

Smilodo, for its part, offers a seller verification program for your convenience. 

How does the seller verification 

program on Smilodo work?

When registering, the seller provides documents confirming his identity and company registration. Smilodo checks these documents on the portal of the relevant country's Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs. Of course, checks the company for debts on the portal of the tax service of the country in which the eShop was registered by the owner. And also, verifies the compliance of all documents with the id of the eShop owner. 

If the documents confirm that the company is registered, the list of registered products matches the range offered in Smilodo’s catalog, there are no debts on the company account, and the registration corresponds to the eShop owner id, Smilodo recognizes the seller is reliable. This means that the likelihood of fraud of such a seller is minimized, and you as a buyer, can safely make a purchase! 

Where can I see, that the seller is verified?

Each verified store owner will have a verification flag. Its availability will be displayed on the footer of the Home Page and Checkout Page of the online store and will look as follows: 

Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for the integrity of stores that are not verified :( But we can share the recommendations of the Smilodo team on how to protect yourself from making an online purchase in case the store is not verified. 

Below we have collected the main points: 

  • Get to know the seller better
  • Find out everything about the product 
  • Payment for goods
  • Shipping and Returns
  • Personal information

Of course, get to know the seller better

This doesn't mean you have to invite the seller to a tea party. Just read about his company, maybe you'll learn something very interesting about building a business. Read reviews about the seller and his products. 

Pay attention to the store owner's feedback in the reviews, whether and how the seller tries to solve difficult situations. See if the company's news is up to date on the blog, and finally find the firm's office address on Google Maps. 

Do not hesitate to call the seller and ask about the company and its products.  

Next, find out everything about the product

Read the product description carefully. Learn every detail: size down to the millimeter, the materials from which the products are made. Learn about the equipment, whether the product will be securely packed. Find out who the manufacturer is, and whether the item has a warranty. Ask about the instructions and how the product works. Look at all the pictures and please look carefully. 

When you decide to buy the product, make it through the shopping cart on Smilodo, and keep all the correspondence exclusively on the portal.  

Payment for goods

Order payment on delivery if you want to be able to touch, see, or verify the originality of the product. Smilodo does not recommend making prepayments to unverified sellers. 

And in cases if: 

  • the seller has no contact information 
  • the seller has no references 
  • the seller demand for payment in advance only and does not "allow" you to choose safe payment 
  • any other situations where you suddenly have feelings of doubt and uncertainty because you don't trust the seller for whatever reason

Shipping and Returns

Find out in advance who pays for shipping. Ask for shipping time and when the item will be delivered. 

Upon the arrival of your order, check the goods at the post office. In this case we recommend not rushing back home, but to inspect the goods on the arrival spot. Check the details, the packaging, make sure that the box contains exactly the product you ordered. 

Enjoy your purchase if everything is perfect with the order! 

If you find a discrepancy or a defect - refuse the item. Don't forget to be present when the item is packed and sent back. Contact the seller to return or exchange the item for another. 

If the purchase was successful, keep all labels, payment documents, receipts, and invoices from the post office. If for some reason you did not manage to check the goods at the post office, remember - this does not exempt the seller from liability under the Law of the country where the company was registered "On Protection of Consumer Rights" (refers to products that can be returned within x days). 

Before ordering with Smilodo check with the seller, who pays for shipping in case of return of goods.  

Personal information

Smilodo will never ask you for personal information such as: 

  • your credit card pin code 
  • the codes and passwords you receive on your devices 
  • your documents: passport, ID code
  • your login and password to any personal account on the Internet 

 Thank you for staying with Smilodo. We wish you a safe shopping experience! 

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