How much does it cost to create a turnkey store on Smilodo?

2020-08-24 00:00:00

We are sure that the words "your online store" are associated with hundreds or even thousands of dollars! After all, everyone understands at least approximately the amount of work of programmers and the cost of their services. Can you get it for just over $ 10? Minimum tariff plan "Basic" on the Smilodo marketplace is definitely worth it. "Pro" and "Business" subscriptions have long been power users who know exactly what they want from their online store . Let's take a closer look at the prices and features of each tariff.

Tariff plan "Start" - 13$/month

This is the perfect IT solution for aspiring entrepreneurs. For a symbolic amount monthly with the Start subscription, you have access to:

  • a full-fledged online store with sections, filters, product cards and a shopping cart;
  • unlimited number of products;
  • mobile version of the store;
  • technical support of our specialists;
  • website visual design editor.

This basic set of features will help you migrate your store from another platform or start a small business from scratch. It may seem that something is missing, because the trading platform is unlikely to be able to fully work for only $ 13. Any other will fail. And Smilodo marketplace for this amount offers selling templates developed by our leading marketers! No hidden fees or surcharges.

Start an online business from scratch or an additional platform for trading on the Internet with the Start tariff!

Tariff plan "Pro" - 20$/month

This includes the entire database that is available to a user with the "Start" subscription. If he feels that he is getting "cramped" at the initial level, he can change the tariff plan at any time. When you switch to "Pro" you will have access to:

  • SEO preparation of your store;
  • the ability to connect third-party modules via API.

Tariff plan "Business" - 37$/month

This package can be called a full-fledged "All inclusive" among analogues. For all the listed features of the Smilodo marketplace for $ 37 per month, you will also receive:

  • analytics to better understand of your customers, set up advertising campaigns and conduct marketing activities;
  • binding a personal administrator who will help you manage the online store, answer your questions and help with technical support of the resource; content manager services (3 hours a week) who will help you manage your products, edit texts, images and videos in the store;
  • personal domain to get as close as possible to the feeling of a full-fledged online store and stay ahead of the competitors.

This a tariff plan is suitable for experienced entrepreneurs who want to choose a new trading platform with expanded functionality.

On the Smilodo marketplace, everyone can find a subscription according to their taste, and, most importantly, according to their wallet. Make a decision to invest today and earn with us!

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