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2020-12-24 00:00:00

Website Constructor (Designer) is a specialized online service that allows you to quickly and easily create a site yourself without knowledge of HTML and programming.

Choosing a constructor for an online store - like choosing a of house - cannot be a spontaneous decision. You will make an irreversible decision - and you will have to put up with utility bills, repair costs, consider the size of your fridge when you go shopping, and in the worst case - to deal with "a burst pipe that was blocked" situations.

In the case of an online store, you will find about the same thing: you will have to use what the service provides, work within its capabilities, and if you want to move to something more serious - it is painful to migrate somewhere with all the goods you have gained. 

We will not even consider those services that are claimed as constructors for e-commerce, but do not really allow you to create a full-fledged online store.

So what is important for a store owner?

1. Unlimited categories and characteristics of goods; 

2. Separation of access rights; 

3. Discount system; 

4. Import-export from Excel, csv; 

5. Accounting for goods in stock; 

6. Ability to connect SSL; 

7. Desirable integration with any CRM; 

8.  Ability to expand the site to the portal, i.e., news modules, articles, comments, 

photo galleries, feedback, requests from the Website, installation of online consultants, etc. 

Buns are a must for the buyer! 

• Wide functionality of the catalog, product characteristics, advanced filters for them, comparisons;

• Discounts, promotions, various payment and delivery options; 

• Any conveniences, such as ability to postpone the product, get on the waiting list for the missing product, buy in one click, etc .; 

• Nice design of the store with a mobile version. These lists are a small part of what is expected of a modern online store.

 Comparing designers on dozens of parameters is not a good use of time. But you have to choose somehow. 

Why is the SMILODO constructor cool?

Editing pages, template design and general site settings is done online through the control panel. 

All the necessary information is pulled up in real time and is always relevant (products, reviews, relinking).

Our designer will help you use all the necessary components for a modern site - easy, intuitive, clear. 

The set of tools allows you to create both simple and complex pages: from simple pages "about us" to large informative pages - "landing page". You edit only the visual part, all the software processes are fine-tuned and proceed without your intervention, for example: you create a form (add fields, design visually) and that's it.

Then you only get information in the admin panel, filled in by your customers, without thinking about the complex processes of validation, filling and data processing.

Multilingualism allows you to create sites for greater user reach. 

An important feature is to adjust the visual of your site for different screen extensions. We know the pain of experienced users and beginners! That is why we took into account ABSOLUTELY all the details, complexities and nuances.  

The main characteristics of services:

1. The price of the issue. 

In different services, the price of a license and rent is different, but in most cases the scheme is standard: the longer the lease term, the greater the discount. 

2. Ability to transfer to your own hosting.

If you are planning to build a serious online business, what is the point of limiting yourself in the future in the capabilities of the site? Why develop and fill content and pay rent for years? If the business is for the future, then only with the option of full transfer. 

3. FTP access. 

At the rental stage - a significant advantage - is full access to FTP, which is rare in leased sites. It will not be difficult for you to make some edits or refinements if necessary.  

4. Free domain. 

Many services provide a free domain with a subscription of 1 to 6 months. This is a nice bonus, agree? 

5. Store management via smartphone.

Pay attention to the functionality of the admin version in the mobile application. The idea is that they should match the desktop version. But most often, with their help you can add a new product, or replace the price. If you want to avoid working on a PC 24 hours a day, and quickly manage all processes remotely, it is worth emphasizing this. 

6. The work of the support service. 

Two difficulties: its presence and prompt response. Some have it, some do not. But if there is, it is important to understand how quickly the feedback is given, is it in 10 minutes, or is it the day after?

Each сonstructor for the site has its pros and cons. However, one of the main tasks of the constructor is to have access to FTP at the lease stage.

Our review revealed the TOP popular constructors:

 • Diafan

 • Shop-Script


• Advantshop

• Eshoper 

Of course, each user has their own criteria, so when choosing a constructor for your store, be sure to select 7-10 basic parameters by which you can sort. Keep in mind that you are not creating a business for a day / week / month, the demand will grow, and with it the requirements. This market is oversaturated with options, so you can always choose. 

But you need to choose better. 

And the best is SMILODO! 

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