Platforms for the sale of goods and services

2020-12-18 00:01:00

Before choosing a trading platform for business, it is worth deciding on your segment. Demographics, age, gender are the details to consider. 

Admit it, you have certainly used one of these leading trading platforms at least once: OLX, ebay.com, amazon.com.

Social media is a completely separate topic.

You can open an online store on Facebook by automatically uploading the catalog from your store to the Facebook Shop section.

Customers on Facebook will be able to view the assortment from computers, mobile devices and share links to products with friends.

You can manage goods and orders on the social network in the control panel of your Ecwid store or through the Ecwid mobile app for iOS and Android. 

With a store connected to Facebook, you can promote your product with dynamic ads and remarketing also tag products on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the simplest and most effective social networks for sales. According to Sprout Social: 

1. 48% of users will buy your product if you quickly answer questions; 

2. 46% will purchase the product / service at promotions; 

3. 42% will choose a product / service if its page contains attractive visual content; 

4. 27% shop when they are shown remaining stock;

5. The most popular reasons why users unsubscribe are uninteresting content (32%) and an overabundance of posts (28%). 

So we come to the conclusion that basically all these platforms are aimed at a specific group of products and a specific segment. From this, we can conclude: "How much money do I lose when posting on different platforms?" 

That's right, a lot! And why place everything on different sites if the SMILODO marketplace was created specifically for universal suppliers / users / sellers / consumers.

The most important question for entrepreneurs is where the person will go tomorrow to buy something.

It is important to develop your business where it is convenient, profitable, fast and safe for the user to conclude transactions. Choose those sites that do not stop there, but develop themselves with the progress of technology and the emergence of new tools. 

 The value of the SMILODO marketplace also lies in the fact that it is open to everyone. Any Internet user can create their own offer or find something they need. The feature set can be customized from very basic to advanced. Of course, in the end, everyone chooses the option that appeals to him personally. 

However, it should be borne in mind that it is the combination of all the listed tools that makes trading platforms the most attractive and promising platforms for developing their business on the network.

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