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2020-12-05 00:05:00

What is CMS? What should it be? 

You will find the answers to this and many other questions by reading this article.

CMS is a content management system, a set of scripts for creating, editing and managing site content. In professional language, "CMS" is called "engine".

Previously, most websites were corrected manually, but now, the development of projects requires a quick and clear readiness to respond to changes and implement them as quickly as possible. 

The SMILODO platform is your best investment in success, saved time, professional approach and simplified interface. 

All processes are automated for fast and high-quality data transfer from absolutely any platform. At that moment, as on other engines, there is a problem of "partial transfer". Partial transfer is when you have pulled up all the information about the product, but the picture / price or other characteristics have to be loaded manually. 

If there is a large assortment of goods, this brings huge inconveniences, but we have an approach for this difficulty! 

Below you can find some popular options:

1. Boxed - in most cases, this type of software is paid. These include CS-Cart, Shop-Script, UMI and many more options. Some of them are specialized for the sale of various products, and some contain individual rates for the online store. 

2. Studio - sometimes they are equated with "homemade". Yes, they are exclusive, but they do not spread to the masses, but that's exactly why they are not in demand at all, because they have some drawbacks. You will not be able to change or expand the functionality of the website on your own, but you will have to study everything yourself “groping in the dark”, because you will not be able to find educational video lessons or instructions anywhere. 

3. Constructors - this is the simplest service option that will help you create a structured online store within a short period of time. The main advantage of this option is convenience. If you are new to web development, this is exactly your option. It is also important to take into account disadvantage: the entire project will fully belong to the developer. 

4. The engine in the form of an online service (SaaS) - this option is rapidly gaining relevance. There is a favorable rate here, because the service is aimed specifically at online sales.

5. Open Source - This software is available FREE OF CHARGE. Technical support is not listed in this option. 

If you are not an experienced user, online services will be your perfect embodiment.

Today, you can find a lot of CMS that are designed for a certain functionality / experience / speed, but SMILODO is the best thing that could happen to your business.

 And we were equal to the performance of these CMS when creating our powerful engine:

• WordPress has long been the number one CMS. According to BulitWith statistics, this open source system currently powers over 30% of websites worldwide. 

• Drupal is a professional CMS used primarily in the corporate world. NASA, Tesla, Sony Music, Nokia and many other well-known companies have chosen Drupal as their content management system. 

• PrestaShop is the more popular content management system for online stores. It is currently used by about 270,000 merchants worldwide. PrestaShop is a great solution for small to medium sized e-commerce businesses. 

• Magento is a popular e-commerce platform used by companies such as Samsung, Nike and Ford. Allows you to build a sophisticated online store with all kinds of e-commerce features. 

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