7 Incredible Benefits of Ecommerce SEO You Should Know About

2021-08-02 09:09:00

Meta-Description: Discover the seven incredible benefits of Ecommerce SEO. 

"Building your Ecommerce store is merely the first step. This is your 

business, after all. You need to heavily invest in it to make it grow." 

- Camilo Olea 

Launching your Ecommerce store is merely the beginning. 

After all, if you're just getting started, nobody may be aware that your online store exists on the world wide web. Nobody but your inner circle. And it doesn't matter if you are selling the best product in the world; your online store will always be a dry land if nobody knows about it. 

You need to get your business out there in front of your audience. You got to tap into the power of Ecommerce SEO and unlock its full force to appear at the top of the SERPs to reach out to as many of your prospects as possible. That's the only secret to skyrocketing your business to the top of the food chain. 

Amazon did it! eBay did it. So did Walmart, Craigslist, and the other top Ecommerce giants. 

And you can as well with Ecommerce SEO. 

This blog post lists down the seven incredible benefits of Ecommerce SEO store owners should be familiar with and why they should invest heavily in it. 

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Let’s dive straight into it. 

7 Incredible Benefits of Ecommerce SEO 

You Should Know About

Benefits of SEO

Here’s the list of the benefits we are about to present in front of you:

  • Drive High-Quality Organic Traffic Towards Your Online Store 
  • Improve the Overall Customer Experience 
  • Budget-Friendly Marketing Tactic with Incredible ROI, when Done Right 
  • Position Yourself as Industry Expert 
  • Establish Brand Authority 
  • Boost Conversion Rate 
  • Grow Your Business 

Drive High-Quality Organic Traffic Towards Your Online Store

Driving organic traffic to your online store

90% of Google users don't move past the first page of the search engine results. This means you'll be losing out on a majority of your prospects if your online store does not appear on the first page for relevant keywords. 

At the same time, you can’t invest thousands of dollars in paid ad campaigns forever – unless they deliver an outstanding ROI. 

By building and implementing a fool-proof Ecommerce SEO strategy, you’ll be taking the much-needed steps to boost your search engine rankings for the relevant keywords. 

And as your website ranking starts improving, you’ll witness a surge in website traffic. 

A brilliant SEO strategy involves thorough keywords research. During this phase, cover some long-tail and high-volume, low-difficulty keywords to boost your chances of ranking at the top of the search engines. 

And once you start attracting high-quality organic traffic towards your website, the next step is to turn them into paying customers. 

However, if you want to have a high conversion rate, it’s critical to build a highly converting sales funnel, which involves interacting and delivering an outstanding customer experience at different stages of their buyers’ journey. 

Ecommerce SEO also involves focusing on the overall customer experience and applying various strategies and tactics to build a well-optimized sales funnel. 

Improve the Overall Customer Experience

Customer Srvice. How to deliver it exellent?

86% of consumers are willing to pay more for an outstanding customer experience. Even though you have the best product in the world, if you want to build a long-lasting and healthy relationship with your customers, you need to focus on the overall customer experience. 

Your prospects and customers should feel comfortable interacting with your online store. Whether it’s pre or post-purchase, you need to deliver a mind-blowing customer experience at different stages of the buyers’ journeys. 

Ecommerce SEO involves optimizing the store’s usability and functionalities. Google intends on delivering the best possible and most relevant results to its users. But at the same time, it also believes in making sure that the websites that are ranking at the top deliver a breathtaking experience. 

Implementing different Ecommerce SEO strategies will allow you to smoothen the overall website experience. Here, you'll be majorly focusing on different aspects like navigation setup, page loading time, website structure, and more. 

Budget-Friendly Marketing Tactic with 

 Incredible ROI, when Done Right

ROI, How To Do Right?

We’ve seen most marketers claim SEO to be a budget-friendly tactic. And it obviously is. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll not be required to spend even a single dime. 

While running paid ads campaigns, the money you end up spending will be right in front of your screen. 

But, in the case of Ecommerce SEO, you'll have to spend on content production, hiring talent, dedicated tools, and more. But the reason why they claim it to be a budget-friendly tactic is that when implemented right, you’ll be subject to outstanding results. 

First thing’s first. SEO isn’t something that will help you achieve overnight success. You’ll have to be patient. But when you execute the Ecommerce SEO strategy brilliantly, your website will be subject to a world full of high-quality traffic. And with a brilliant sales funnel, you’ll be easily able to convert as many of them as possible into paying customers. 

So, the secret here is to be patient. I won't claim SEO to be a free marketing strategy. You'll obviously have to invest your top dollars. But, over time, when you start witnessing results, you can lower the spending – if required. 

Position Yourself as Industry Expert

Experts. Be first in your Industry.

That’s one of the big benefits of Ecommerce SEO. A well-planned SEO strategy involves producing truly value-adding content pieces that will help you not boost your search engine rankings but also add value to your readers. 

Remember – don’t just create content just for spiders. Here, by spiders, I mean “search engine crawlers.” But, instead, produce something that truly focuses on the pain points of your audience. This way, you’ll be able to boost your website engagement. This will mean lower bounce-off rates. 

And that’s one of the most important factors Google takes into consideration while determining search engine rankings. 

At the same time, you'll be producing content that's not just engaging but also value-adding as well. This way, you'll be able to position yourself as a true industry expert. 

Here, at Smilodo, we are the experts. We are the best at what we do. But we want to share our expertise with our audience. At the same time, we want to boost our search engine rankings as well. 

We could have mindlessly created content just for the sake of SEO. But we didn't. Instead, we chose to produce truly value-adding content that focused on your pain points. We want to help our customers out. That's how dedicated we are. 

Ecommerce SEO involves producing high-quality content that's focused on delivering value. And this is how you'll be able to position yourself as an industry expert. 

Establish Brand Authority

In Brand we trust

Consumers buy from brands they trust. They don’t want just another one of those brands handing out fake promises just for the sake of selling their products or services. 

Instead, they are always looking forward to interacting with brands that they can trust. In this fiercely competitive world, you need to position yourself as credible and trustworthy. 

Your customers are already looking for companies that sell the same products that you do. But, if you don’t establish yourself as a trustworthy and credible brand, then they may be hesitant in giving you a chance. 

The secret here is to establish your brand so perfect that the only thing your customers have to worry about is deciding which products they want to add to their cart. 

Boost Conversion Rate

Boost your conversion rate

When done right, Ecommerce SEO can drive about a 14.6% conversion rate. But always remember – the sky's the limit. 

Ecommerce SEO doesn’t just focus on low-intent keywords. After all, you want to attract the customers that are most likely to purchase your products. At the same time, it’s important to target high-intent keywords. This will help you attract the ones that are already planning to purchase what you're offering. 

With a fool-proof SEO plan, you'll be able to attract high-quality traffic to your website. And like I told you before, you need to make sure that you keep this high-quality traffic engaged and deliver them an outstanding experience. 

This will take you a step further towards converting them into paying customers.  

Grow Your Business

Search engine renking factors Google takes into cosiderarion

As you drive more and more organic traffic towards your website and convert a huge chunk of them into paying customers, you can successfully expand your operations. 

But the one thing you need to remember is to not go numb with your SEO efforts. Be aggressive. Keep producing content on a regular basis. Make sure that your website is up-to-date and delivers a perfect user experience. 

Some factors Google takes into consideration while determining search engine rankings are: 

  • Secure & Accessible Website 
  • Page Speed 
  • Mobile Friendliness 
  • Optimized Content 
  • Domain Age, Authority & URL 
  • User Experience 
  • Technical SEO 
  • Social Signals 
  • Links 
  • Consistent Business Information 
  • And more! 

Take these factors into consideration to skyrocket your rankings. And once you do manage to boost your rankings, be consistent with your efforts. Otherwise, you may even end up losing your rankings.

Are You Ready to Launch Your Online Store?

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I’ll be honest. Ecommerce SEO isn’t a piece of cake. You need to implement brilliant strategies and tactics to witness actual results. And that still won’t be enough. You need a brilliant SEO strategy and a team of marketing professionals with deep expertise by your side. 

At the same time, you also need a brilliant Ecommerce SEO platform like Smilodo to align with your Ecommerce SEO efforts. 

With years of experience and deep Ecommerce SEO expertise, our Smilodo professionals would love nothing more than helping you out. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

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